Mushroom Festival Trip- Kennett Square, Pennsylvania–Part 1


The Mushroom Festival is a food festival held every September in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Kennett Square dubs itself the “mushroom capital of the world”. With good reason, these people know and love their mushrooms. They also grow a lot of them especially the white button variety.

To show how serious they are about mushrooms, they  drop a 500 pound lighted mushroom shaped drop on New’ Year’s Eve every year. I would like to see that, I really would.

The festival is a great event that raises awareness about how mushrooms are grown, harvested, eaten and their nutrition benefits, something we are working on in Zimbabwe.

This year was the 30th anniversary of the mushroom festival, and my second time to visit.  Mushrooms were on the menu in the local restaurants and on the street from food vendors along State Street. I love mushroom soup so I chose the exotic mushroom gazpacho,  and my son and husband got the very popular fried breaded mushrooms, blended mushroom burgers and ice-cream. We also loaded up on fresh mushrooms at great prices.

Breaded Mushrooms

Our favorite part of the festival overall was  the Growers’ Exhibit. Here the mushrooms growers walk you through the entire mushroom growing process, from spawn to harvest. You also get to see how a wide variety of specialty mushrooms like oyster, shiitake, maitake, Lion’s Mane and king oysters grow.

Here is a look at the button mushroom growing exhibit:






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